Citelis Branding

July, 2018

Citelis Branding


Citelis is a mexican company in Morelia that builds real estate, hotels, malls, life centers, offices and residential communities. We refreshed their brand with a sober, simple style while keeping their prior essence.

Citelis, just like a pole star, defines a course in each of their projects. Their new icon is the center of a space with no limits to every direction: North, South, East and West. Every side symbolizes the four siblings that founded Citelis; together, they represent the vision of their father, Enrique Ramírez, in creating a brand that would eventually guide the industry.


  • Isis Ordoñez Conceptualization, brand direction

  • Teo Vigil Leal Conceptualization, logotype design, branding

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