Amgen Comunicación

August, 2018

Amgen Communication


Some of the greates science discoveries are happening in Amgen. Technology has allowed us to go further in creating medicines and treatments for some of the major diseases in history. Nevertheless, we know we can do much more to keep transforming the world.

We are pioneers in exploring the unknown. We want to get where no one has ever gone before. We want to find the answers no one has yet found. We want to change the world and the future of both our patients and humankind.

Exploramos nuevos mundos para transformar el tuyo.
(We explore new worlds to transform yours.)


  • Isis Ordoñez Strategic planning, creativity and conceptualization

  • Miguel Ángel Vélez Art direction and creativity

  • Teo Vigil Leal Creativity, conceptualization and copywriting

Project for IA interactive

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