Hello! Name’s Teo.

I strive to create functional, practical layouts and to focus my work on information architecture directed to an organic and self-guided, user-centered flow. I believe a well-crafted structure is the base for a great visual design.

Sometimes people say I am an organization freak but I am actually just a bit obsessed with consistency through a whole system of navigation, from a brochure to a website. For me, design is a methodical and strategic process more than artistic, in which details such as standardization matter the most.

Something that I’ve always done but maybe did not notice earlier, is to get into the customer shoes trying to figure out their behaviors and reactions. Lately I have been aiming to more consciously dive into the user experience design process of which I try to learn more about every day by exploring and applying practices that best fit into my work projects.

Even though the term UX has been attached mainly to interface design like websites and mobile apps, I find it to be the fundamental piece for any product that a person interacts with: it’s the way one ensures users will get exactly what they need in the way they need. That’s why a final output is only as good as the research and experience-based investigation process involved on its design to know the target audience. As we create solutions for users by learning about them, user experience is the means and also the end.

Since I graduated back in late 2014, I have been focusing mainly in the fields of branding, web design and advertising, developing abilities that I think are required for a good designer.

After a few internships during my school time, I landed on Bang! as a trainee and was later promoted to a full-time graphic designer, thus being my first experience dealing with real clients at the time we worked together trying to find the best way to fit their needs. Since it was a small agency, I had the opportunity to manage and create branding and web projects from start to finish, as well as to try different design processes at my own pace to find out what worked best for every specific situation.

At La Sociedad I have known the journey of creativity behind a traditional creative advertising campaign combined with the power of social media, all of which, finding the right insights, can lead to innovation through digital ideas that solve given problems for brand customers —and hopefully make a difference. I also discovered that I like to write and to make sense of information, which is why I am interested in learning more about storytelling and copywriting.

Work Experience

Digital Designer

La Sociedad, May 2016 – Present

Graphic Designer

Bang!, Jan 2015 – May 2016

Graphic Design Trainee

Bang!, Aug 2014 – Dec 2014

Graphic Design Intern

Webx, Mar 2014 – Aug 2014

Graphic Design Intern

Oneo, Apr 2013 – Mar 2014


UX Online Courses

Interaction Design Foundation, since July 2017

Sandler System Sales Fundamentals

Sandler Training Monterrey, Dec 2014

Degree in Graphic Design

Facultad de Artes Visuales UANL, Dec 2014

Software Proficiency

Mac OS / Windows








Spanish (native)

English (fluent)

Portuguese (basic)